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The Pilates Room Celebrates 22 Years in Ithaca
With a Rebranding Campaign: Welcome to Vellíðan

(Ithaca, NY, 10/30/2023) — After 22 years at the forefront of Pilates training, The Pilates Room & Antigravity Studio

is excited to announce it is evolving to align more comprehensively with the multifaceted wellness solutions we now

offer our clientele. We are rebranding as Vellíðan, a name that embraces our expanded identity beyond just a Pilates studio.


The new brand name Vellíðan, (pronounced vell-y-dthan), is an Icelandic term representing wellness, mental fortitude, and

physical well-being. This word genuinely encapsulates our evolution — from a sole-focus Pilates Room into a holistic

wellness sanctuary that offers an assortment of expert-led fitness solutions.

While our roots in Pilates have grown, so has our vision. Our progressive approach has evolved to encompass a broader

spectrum of wellness, catering to individual needs, and empowering you on your fitness journey. This transformation signifies

our commitment to bridging the physical, mental, and inner wellbeing, in line with the ethos of the world's "Happiest and

Healthiest People."


Vellíðan will continue to offer the versatile services and expert talent that make us unique, with the aim of inspiring our

esteemed clients to take control of their wellness journey. As we transition into this exciting new phase, stay connected for

fresh insights, motivational guidance, and an expanded range of wellness offerings.


Thank you for your continued support. As we emerge as Vellíðan, we are delighted to invite you on this journey towards

achieving happier, healthier lives, all within the convenience and accessibility of your favorite wellness spot.


For more updates on our rebranding journey and evolving wellness offerings, please visit our website,,

or follow us on social media, @vellidan


About Vellíðan
Vellíðan signifies the evolution of The Pilates Room & Antigravity Studio – transforming an expert-led Pilates studio into a

holistic wellness sanctuary for the region. Rooted in the Icelandic ethos of well-being, Vellíðan endeavors to provide an

emotionally uplifting and physically empowering environment that promotes holistic wellness.


Media Contact
Tori Ponder-Brown
Co-Founder/Program Director
(607) 330-0957

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