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Private Training Rates

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Private Sessions
SAVE UP TO $21/session with a Private Training Package.*
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Private Training In-person or online:
As low as $74/session. 

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Private Pilates training and classic Personal Training sessions are available at Velliðan. What's the difference and why might you need both? While both options offer full-body strength training, the main differences lie in the amount of weight and specificity.


Pilates is a good option for building strength in the deep core and peripheral joint stabilizers. Though some exercises on Pilates' specialized spring-based equipment will use heavier tension to work larger muscles, such as biceps and triceps, glutes and quadriceps, many will use lighter tension to invoke activation of deeper muscles like the rotator cuff, deep spine, hip, knee and ankle stabilizers. Pilates is a great way to tone but provides minimal cardiovascular exercise and is not the best option for weight loss. However, the knowledge you gain in Pilates sessions will translate to more intense workouts in a classic personal training session.

Classic Personal Training is the best option for hypertrophy (building bulk), strength of superficial muscles (glutes, quads, hamstrings, biceps, triceps), and weight loss. Depending on your goals, a classic personal training session may include cardiovascular-specific workouts, heavier weight training with dumbells. barbells or TRX. and possibly agility training.

Both options are useful for sports-specific training, but for different reasons. For example, if you play football, the stability you gain from Pilates training is ideal for injury prevention while classic personal training provides a more significant increase in power. If you play golf or tennis, pilates will correct dysfunctional movement patterns caused by favoring rotation on one side or another and will address proper movement for the stability of the spine and shoulders  Classic strength training for golf or tennis will build power in the swing and improve cardiovascular fitness. Improved balance can be gained from either modality and both options provide aesthetic improvements as an added perk. ;-)

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