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Experience a life-changing journey with Beyond the Scale, a 6-week program that empowers you to take control of your mental and physical health. Our supportive community ensures that you have fun while achieving complete health and wellbeing, going beyond just weight loss goals. Join us now!

Building Habits That Last
Beyond the Scale is not about quick fixes or the latest diet fads. It's about guiding you towards healthy practices you can continue for the rest of your life. Our focus goes beyond losing weight
—We'll help you discover a healthier, stronger, and rejuvenated version of yourself!

A Full-Picture View of Weight Loss
Weight loss is about more than numbers on a scale
or counting calories—it's about changing your overall lifestyle. Our weekly one-on-one coaching and goal-setting meetings will ensure you are on the right road to total physical and mental health.

Personalized Food Plan Just For You
One size doesn't fit all when it comes to nutrition. That's why, we'll start with a meal plan created by a Registered Dietitian for this 6-week transformation and work with you to personalize the plan according to your health goals, eating habits, and even your favorite foods. We will ensure that your path towards a healthier lifestyle is both enjoyable and sustainable.

Promising Results
We believe strongly in the potential of Beyond the Scale, and our confidence is backed up by Velliðan's guarantee. If you don't get results, you'll get your money back. We're 100% committed to your health goals and ongoing wellness.


Discover the joy of learning about your health and fitness, and unlock the doors to a healthier and happier life.


Here’s What You Can Expect During Your 6 Weeks “Beyond the Scale”

  • Weekly 1:1 goal setting & accountability sessions

  • Weekly 1:1 nutrition coaching

  • Customized macro nutrition guide tailored to you, your health goals, and your eating style

  • 2-month V.I.P. Unlimited Class Membership at Vellíðan

  • Custom 60 page meal plan & guide designed by a Registered Dietitian for our "Beyond the Scale" Transformation

  • Weekly nutrition education & recipes

  • Additional support via text, email, and our “Super Support” group.

  • Tools and education to use throughout your journey and beyond

  • Lifetime Exclusive Access to 24/7 BTS Master Chef and Motivational Coach to help you plan meals based on what you have in your cupboards, rework recipes to fit within your dietary preferences and restrictions, and even create custom meal plans to keep you on track beyond your six-week transformation


For a limited time - through cooperation with our partners at Ithaca Medical Aesthetics, participants will also receive

  • A HUGE discount on EvolveX body contouring sessions (up to an $1800 value)

  • Optional Semiglutide injections and weekly physician check-ins for those who qualify*.

*Certain medical restrictions apply and will be discussed prior to purchase. Additional Physician/Drug Fee required. All Beyond the Scale participants receive 25% off IMA Semaglutide Weight Management pricing.

Experience a transformative journey to a healthier body and mind with Beyond the Scale. Our comprehensive program is backed by guaranteed results, ensuring you not only lose weight but also experience a significant improvement in your overall health. Discover the secret to sustainable weight loss and better health. Start your transformative 6-week journey today!

Just fill out the form below to get more details and information about how to get an EvolveX Body Contouring session absolutely FREE with your program purchase!!! 

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